Your Soles!

5 minute Process to Apply

It takes just a few minutes to put Sole Savers onto your sneakers, and they last several months once applied

Save Money on Cleaning

Extend the life of your kicks ever spend another dollar on shoe cleaning kits or services again

Preserve Your Sneakers

Keep even the bottom of your shoes as fresh as the day you bough them

What are they for?

Sole Savers is a clear protective film that shields and preserves the bottom of your shoes against wear. Step with confidence and save hundreds fighting yellowing, heel drag, sole wear and nature!

Each Sole Savers kit comes stocked with a couple pairs of cleaning wipes that will never deteriorate your kicks to wipe your shoes down clean before application; a couple of traction pads for each shoe, to provide reinforced traction to the protective sheets; and, of course, two Sole Savers sheets that simply stick to the bottom of your shoe. To ensure that the sheets adhere even better to grooves and indentations of the soles of your sneakers, you can use a heat gun to apply heat to the Sole Saver sheets after they are on your soles while applying pressure with your hands while doing so.