How It All Started

In 2017, Andrew Hundley came up with an idea for a quick and convenient, affordable solution for protecting against wear and tear on sneaker soles. Hundley went on to create the first form of Sole Savers – an unbranded, poorly packaged (though still effective) set that came stocked with two original Sole Savers sheets (which have been since improved upon in a few iterations) and some cleaning wipes. Despite the initial lack of branding and design, Hundley was able to secure a few consignment deals at a couple of local sneaker resale shops that were willing to give his product a chance. However, when he entered Texas State University, he found himself having less and less time to focus on the project and eventually retired Sole Savers sometime in 2018.

Where It’s Going

Fast forward a couple years to just a few months ago, when Hundley finally decided he finally had some time to revamp Sole Savers. Hundley hired his friend, Mazzen Awad to create some graphics for the brand, including a new, modernly designed flyer to give Sole Savers the visibility it needed. After some vigilant promotion and a lot of driving from mall to mall all over Texas, Awad and Hundley have found almost a dozen stores to stock a few consigned boxes of Sole Savers with, from Houston all the way up to Dallas, and everywhere in between. Visit the “Our Vendors” page to find a convenient store locating map to discover a shop with Sole Savers near you!

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