Sole Savers Instruction Video

Watch the helpful instructional video below for a straightforward tutorial on how to apply Sole Savers to your sneakers! Scroll down to find more detailed written instructions below the video.

Directions for application

Clean ‘Em Up

If sneakers have been worn, wipe shoes with cleaning pads and water then dry thoroughly prior to wrapping your soles.

Place ‘Em & Trace ‘Em

Place each sneaker on top of a Sole Savers sheet (3M side up) and trace its outline using a marker or pen.

Cut ‘Em Up

Carefully cut around traced patterns, peel off 3M paper backings, and apply adhesive side to sole of sneakers.

Heat ‘Em Up

Use heat gun to heat wraps onto sneakers’ soles for 5 minutes. Apply pressure while doing so to ensure wraps adhere to grooves.

Peel ‘Em

Peel off paper backing from traction pads and apply one to the front and back of each sneaker’s sole.

For shoes up to size 13 M US.