Back in 2018, about a year after Andrew came up with the initial prototypes versions of Sole Savers, he had only gotten Sole Savers in two stores (which isn’t to say that any 17-year-old consigning any amount of a homemade product isn’t impressive.) Now, however, Hundley and the small team of friends trying to help him get Sole Savers on its feet have managed to get our boxes in twelve stores!

There are four retailers in Austin that now carry Sole Savers, including Ecco, Shoeboxx, Sneaker Summit and Social Status. We have four retail partners in Austin, as well, including Texas Shoe Exchange, Sneaker Politics, Nice Kicks’ Austin location, and even the locally renowned Private Stock, with whom we were able to partner with thanks to Devin Wygal who negotiated and secured the consignment. Additionally, there is a resale shop called tDK located in the San Marcos Tanger Outlets that we recently partnered with, and, of course, we had to make our way to San Antonio where we’ve been able to get our shoes in another three stores, including Hype Action, Sole Sneaker Boutique and FootAction.

It is an exciting time for Sole Savers, and this is only the beginning. Now that we have spread to four major cities in the state, we believe it is just a small matter of time before Sole Savers becomes a national commodity. It is our hope that by this time next year we can have managed to get Sole Savers in a New York and Los Angeles store. We thank our retail partners for making this all possible.