Sole Savers Kit

Our feature product and namesake, each Sole Savers kit comes stocked with everything you need. Of course, you get the Sole Savers themselves, which have been through a few iterations already. We have finally achieved the pinnacle of sole-protecting technology with our current and most recent Sole Savers sheets. The thin yet incredibly durable, opaque adhesive sheets go straight on the bottom of your shoe for you to cut around. After that, it’s just a matter of heating them up to your desire for increased adhesion to the grooves of your soles, and you’re just about good to go.

Traction Pads

The only thing you’d be missing after putting the Sole Savers sheets on your kicks are these bad boys. Our signature, hand-cut traction pads do exactly what you might already figure: add traction to your shoes. Though not necessarily a requirement to wear Sole Savers on your sneakers, traction pads can be super helpful for shoes that you don’t want to adhere the Sole Savers sheets onto too much. If you want to really preserve your shoes and choose not to apply a ton of heat to get the sheets sticking like crazy, these pads can really keep you on your toes.

Cleaning Pads

And, of course, cleaning pads. These aren’t all that exciting, though we think it’s pretty exciting how well these things can get the grime of your kicks without deteriorating your soles or their color at all. With just the right mix of alcohol, the cleaning solution in these wipes are practically a must if you plan on throwing some Sole Savers on your favorite new shoes. After all, who wants to save their grimy, dirt-covered soles anyway? Each kit comes packed with four cleaning pads.

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